All items are individually handmade by myself,

spun and felted from my hand raised, and from other local wool growers.

Every item is individually hand made by 'me', Angelique. 

I put lots of love, attention and detail in each piece.

100% hand made woolen hats knitted then felted from sheeps 

wool and mohair,  each is uniquely decorated. 

No two are exactly alike.

Very easy to care for, hand wash and dry over a plastic bowl or return to me 

and I will wash and return for a nominal fee.

Sizes are:

Small - 21" around

Medium - 23" around

Large - 24" around

To determine your size - measure around your head just above the ears. The tape should not be tight. Allow a little slack, if its too tight you will be uncomfortable and may get a headache. Most colors are available and I do take 'special requests'.

Hats are typically Medium, need it larger or smaller,

let me know!

ANG - OO1      Size: M


Handmade with Wool, Mohair and Angora

Beautiful hand embroidered starburst.

Hand wash only.

ANG - 002      Size: M


Handmade with Wool, Mohair and Angora

Hand embroidered daffodils really make this hat stand out.

Hand wash only.

ANG - 003      Size: M

$125.00 - hat

Handmade with Wool, Mohair and Angora

Love the simplicity of this hat, that will go with 

literally everything you wear.

Hand wash only.

Add the necklace and earrings to complete this look.

ANG - 004      Size: M


Handmade with Wool, Mohair and Angora

This hat is a gorgeous maroon color with a 

hand embroidered daisy.

Hand wash only.

ANG - 005      Size: M


You will love this black felt hat with this

bright colored flower, that gives you versatility

to wear it with nearly everything.

Handmade with Wool, Mohair and Angora

Hand wash only

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

Here are my latest creations.

If you would like a specific color or shape, please contact me.


This light Camel colored hat with go with literally anything you would wear. The pictures do not do it justice.


This black with red accents is beautiful. The leather and feather embellishment is quite lovely and removable.


Red with a light pink accent and a leather embellishment, which is removable. Pictures do NOT do this hat justice.


Look at this lively pink for upcoming spring. Beautiful Easter hat and could be worn with lots of outfits.

Imagine it with a pair of blue jeans...


This really pretty grey hat with flower embellishment would be  a great addition to absolutely ANY outfit you wear.


You will love the addition of this lovely Aubergine hat to your wardrobe. It is a very versatile color and would get you all kinds of compliments. Order it today.


Awww, lovely red hat)$125.00) with dark grey eyelash

 trim and matching hand bag($65.00).

 You will be the talk of your friends with this

lovely wardrobe addition.

Purple variegated flower

This wool hat brings a fun flair to a classic style. The decorative pinwheel  adds flattering volume and charming detail. 

The pinwheel and tendrils sit playfully, waiting to be admired. 

The fitted top flairs out into a small, perky brim, giving a

 traditional cloche look. Warm and cozy, this is the perfect

 piece to add a fun loving feel to your holiday outfits.

Saint Patrick Day Hat

This is a beautiful green hat, made from Merino, mohair and rabbit fur. You will love the different tones that are in this fine hat with the lovely black pinwheel flower.

Sport this one with a pair of blue jeans, or dress it up with a fabulous skirt or dress. Great for a winter Sunday.

Lovely maroon hat

This lovely maroon hat will be a fabulous

 addition to your wardrobe.

The pretty grey embellishment and grey stitching 

makes it a very versatile piece.

Beautiful rust embellishment

Light grey with this brown and rust colored embellishment will look fabulous with any outfit you put on.

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Sets start at $145.00 - hat, necklace and earrings

Hand made with merino wool and mohair. Size medium.

This hat is lovely 

The hues in this hat and cowl are not portrayed well in photos.

They are absolutely lovely and it will go with every outfit in your wardrobe. Simply adorable with blue jeans and heels.

Light grey with hand embroidered embellishment

Practical and Versatile - Wool Felt Hat goes perfect with

 any outfit, dress or t-shirt n jeans.

 Dress up or go casual with this hat.

Impeccably Grey

This dynamic grey hat and cowl is a universal must have. It will dress up or dress down, pair it with a lovely black leather skirt, nice blouse and heels or go simple with blue jeans and flats. Either way, you'll be the best dressed around town.

Everlasting Grey

Yet another grey, you say...But this grey with add a note of mystery to your wardrobe. You can dress it up to be very feminine or a classy pair of slacks and boots.

Minty green

Again, photos do not do this lovely hat justice. It is a lovely mint color and I've embellished it with flowers and leaves.

This hat would be a great asset to any wardrobe.

Brown Eloquence

Comfortable-Lightweight Wool Ladies Hat, features a hand embroidered embellishment. The color and quality are

on point and will complete your outfit.

ang28 Black Beauty

Pictures do NOT do this hat justice. It is very pretty with its lavish embroidery of many colors. This hat needs a woman of of elegance. This black beauty will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe,

 with its many colors.

Pretty in Pink

This lovely pink hat is a dynamic addition to your wardrobe.With the embellishment on this hat will enable you to literally wear it with anything.

Neolithic Elegance

Simply lovely black hat with gorgeous blue flowers. This photo doe not do it justice. Beautiful embroidery work with a couple of red hearts.

 Can I just say VERSATILE!

You will love it.

Pink Petals

Comfortable-Lightweight Wool Ladies Hat, features a hand embroidered embellishment. The color and quality are

on point and will complete your outfit. Or change it. 

Black with this lovely embellishment,

 lots of color to compliment any outfit.

Subtle Elegance

Soft light pink with pretty yellow daffodil embroidery.

What a lovely accessory for an outing.

Practical and Versatile - Wool Felt Hat goes perfect with

 any outfit, dress or t-shirt n jeans.

 Dress up or go casual with this hat.

Golden Fluff

This is a beautiful black made from Merino, mohair and rabbit fur. Lightweight, featuring eyelash yarn trim that will set off any eye color. Fabulous with a pair of jeans or suit.

Cotton Candy

Can you say FUN! This hat just screams, put me on and go for a walk or out to lunch with the girls. 

This lavish eyelash yarn trim will put bounce in your step.

 Grab the girls and lets go.  Great

addition to your winter wardrobe.

Azure Temptress

Pair this fabulous lightweight hat with a lovely pair of earrings and go out and have a good time.

Put on your Sunday finest and accessorize with this great hat.

It makes a statement by itself and will bring out the color in your eyes, no matter what color they are.

It's Here, Winter...

 time to order your warm, winter, wool, hat.

Sorrel Filly 038

This perfect shade of reddish brown will compliment anything in your closet. Adorned with a black stitching and fabric buckle. This hat will get attention for its subtlety.

Sable 039

This low crown fedora hat looks good on a wide variety of faces and is less daunting to someone new to the fedora look.

You can unroll the brim and make it flat in the front while leaving it curled up in the back.

This hat will be a very universal addition to your wardrobe.

Yorque 040

Light blue was first recorded as a color term in English in 1915.

The Yorque, is a calming, relaxing light blue shade, that will enhance anything you wear. The black stitching accents lend to its feminine attractiveness.

Nicholle 041

This lovely grey hat, with red stitching is about as neutral as they come. This is a great option for a casual day. But classy enough to 

be worn out on a night on the town.

Maude 042

Hey Red Hat Society, here's the perfect hat for your organization. You will simply love this 'red beauty'. Perfect for Christmas, Valentines day, black suite, white suit, denim jeans and t-shirt. You name it this hat will dress up any outfit.

Elizabeth 043

There's little more versatile than the Elizabeth. Most notably, the floral pattern that's on the crown and stitching to decorate the brim are so eye catching. Be ahead of the curve with this hat on your head!

Bella 044

 This fun and flirty hat, has it all. With the colors in the brim trim, it will literally go with anything in your wardrobe.

The Bella is perfect for that whimsical person and will certainly show off your flirty side.

Whisper 045

Subtlety is key when it comes to the Whisper Wool hat.

The otherwise-bare hat is adorned with a hand embroidered dragonfly design and red stitching. It's hard not to look chic

with this hat on your head.

Freda 046

Stay in style while relaxing in the Freda. The focus of this clean hat is the intriguing embroidery, a beautiful combination of stitched colors and extra decoration. Fun and flirty, this hat has it all!

Rembrandt 047

Wool Felt Floppy Hat is a stylish new design perfect for all and winter. Featuring a round crown with a medium-sized brim

Rhonda 048

The Rhonda, Wool Felt Hat is a stylish design perfect for all  winter. Featuring a round crown with a medium-sized brim that you can wear curled up or down flat. The beautiful hand embroidery adorns this hat and makes it quite stylish. 

Brixton 049

This lovely black hat with the off white stitching and bold flower will be a great addition to your closet. Brixton can dress up or down any outfit.

Allison 050

Let's talk about subtle elegance. Allison with her red stitching and beautiful grey flower belongs in your closet.

Allison will totally be the topic of discussion when worn with your favorite blue jeans or your Sunday best.

Hilda 051

Hilda is quiet and sophisticated with her little pom flowers.

Roll the black stitched brim up or leave it down. Understated she might be, but she will bring you compliment after compliment.

Juliet 052

Juliet is 100% Alpaca $150.00.

This hat is beautiful, the photo does not do it justice. Juliet has a chunky knit hat band, with brim stitching to match.

What a simply elegant statement you'll be making when you pair this hat with jeans, dress, slacks or Sunday best.

Juliet is one of a kind, hurry she won't last long.

Sarah 053

Sarah is understated elegance at its best. Medium brown with black stitching and the crochet flower on the crown, you can't go wrong having this in your wardrobe.

Gracie 054

Eyelash brim and beautiful black flower adorn this lovely red hat. Gracie will last you all fall, winter and those cool spring days and nights. Gracie is flirty and has a lot to say to whatever you put on from your closet.