Why I do Fiber art

My love of fiber started many years ago, while attending grade school in Bristol, England.

Designing and creating original garments and accessories 

was one of my passionate hobbies, for years.

After leaving WRAF (Women’s Royal Air Force) I attended the School of Nursing at Horbin General Hospital, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. After graduation the love of my life and I got married, then the adventure started. Two children and 44 years later, here we are in South Dakota...and loving it.

After relocating to South Dakota in 1983 with my kids and husband who is now a retired veteran (USAF), I learned to appreciate natural fibers.

By chance, I met a group of ladies who process and spin fiber from sheep, llama, alpaca and goats. I was so intrigued. Next thing I know, we had a small barn with sheep and goats......now, the work began. The goats had to go, but the sheep stayed, and we have had lots of fun with them. Soooo, much work, but it is and has been well worth it. I use my fiber as well and some from local wool 

fiber growers.

My ambition is to be as creative and authentic as I can be. I want 'you' my customers to 

appreciate and enjoy each one of a kind, piece of original art. I specialize in hand spun yarn,

felted hats and accessories.

I do believe in versatility and culinary arts is another of passion. So half of my time is spent in

my commercial kitchen producing BBQ sauces, jams, jellies, natural seasonings and rubs, specialty rice mixes and more, which are sold at our local health food store and farmers market when in season, under my other business ‘Grammas Delicacies’. (https://www.grammasdelicacies.com)  https://www.facebook.com/GrammasDelicacies/

You can see my fiber arts at local and neighboring states fine art shows, and Facebook. 

Please feel free to browse and see the process from start to finish. Raising a bum lamb to maturity, shearing the wool, washing (rather messy) dyeing, carding, spinning, knitting, felting, and decorating for your pleasure.

Please contact me via call or email for further information on sizes and colors…etc.